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Really? A festival for Radishes? Alright....

Starting with 4 Dark and 1 Light token.

Fu Fru has purchased a round of drinks for everyone to make up for all the bellowing. While mingling through the crowd at the festival, she also notices that someone is following them…

Wylla is in a local weapon shop looking for a Vibrosword, while the rest of the group hides in an alley.

After a few minutes have passed, no one suspicious has gone by.

They meet up with a local merchant Rizzo at a Cat Cafe. The team has creeped him on SpaceBook and see that he is a fairly reputable business man. He tells them that he wants his daughter (Ginz)taken off planet and away from a local Officer. Fu Fru negotiates a price for the job. They find Ginz and the Officer on a rooftop surrounded by a large number of guards. After speaking with the Officer, the team accepts his bribe and let him leave with Ginz.

A New Ally?

Kala as Jola’Kahn, a Twi’lek, who is not sure if she can trust the group yet.

The team (should we get a name for them?) has jumped into hyperspace. Upon coming out of the jump they see a Corellian Corvette being attacked by a Star Destroyer. An escape pod has launched from the Corvette, and the Star Destroyer has hailed the Shuttle to seize the escape pod and the passenger inside.

Jola’Kahn isn’t sure if she can trust the new group, but they aren’t trying to capture her so she will see how they are.

The group have to make an emergency landing on the nearby planet, which is in the middle of the Summer Radish Festival.

After landing, Jola fills them in on a few jobs that they can do to earn credits.

Scene 3

We begin this session with 6 Light and 1 Dark side tokens, and realising that I need to take better notes in order to keep a running synopsis of our campaign.

Wylla begins the process of starting up the shuttle so the team can leave the planet. During the process a couple of no-good Gamorrean guards get the alert and show up to stop the launch.

Fu Fru, WaWoz and Aris were able to hold the guards off and the whole team made a successful escape in the Imperial shuttle.

Each player was awarded 40 xp for finishing the first encounter.

Scene 2: Electric Boogaloo

Our night starts with our heroes(?) rolling 5 Dark and 1 Light side token.

The squad pulls up on a hilltop overlooking the impound lot. After cutting their way through the fence, they come upon the shuttle guarded by a few security droids. Fu Fru bellows (without peeing herself this time) and WaWoz does a lot of bad ass shooting to finish off the fight.

Wylla begins to power up the ship while the rest of the team stakes out guard positions.

The adventure begins....

Our cast of characters (so far) :

Nadine as Dr. Fu Fru, an Ithorian archeologist who was working for the Empire looking for Jedi relics and discovered a mass grave.

Bruce as Wasec Wozeels, a Rodian bounty hunter, who was forced to abandon his ambitions in the fine arts to follow in his Uncle Greedo’s footsteps as a hired gun for the Hutt gangs. He now seeks to pursue legitimate employment after many of his friends and family were taken by the underworld.

Heather as Wylla Bo’Ab, a Duros pilot who… (wow, her write up is super long, just go here to read it all.

Michelle as Aris, a Human spy, who is so secretive about being a spy…she doesn’t have a backstory!

Our ragtag group of Rebel wannabes has each found their way to the planet Shara’von, where they have word that the droid LOM-5 can help them steal an Imperial shuttle from his employer Remie Jorge.

Jorge is a local crime boss who impounds ships in order to extort money from various smugglers and merchants. He is able to do this legally by assisting the Empire and ensuring their ships are well maintained while on planet.

After leaving the local cantina (where all great RPGs begin…) they find LOM surrounded by Gamorreans. After a brief battle (where Fu Fru bellowed so loud that she peed herself and deafened Aris) the party saves LOM and hops on a land speeder to head toward spaceport.


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