Team Sexy Horus Star Wars

Really? A festival for Radishes? Alright....

Starting with 4 Dark and 1 Light token.

Fu Fru has purchased a round of drinks for everyone to make up for all the bellowing. While mingling through the crowd at the festival, she also notices that someone is following them…

Wylla is in a local weapon shop looking for a Vibrosword, while the rest of the group hides in an alley.

After a few minutes have passed, no one suspicious has gone by.

They meet up with a local merchant Rizzo at a Cat Cafe. The team has creeped him on SpaceBook and see that he is a fairly reputable business man. He tells them that he wants his daughter (Ginz)taken off planet and away from a local Officer. Fu Fru negotiates a price for the job. They find Ginz and the Officer on a rooftop surrounded by a large number of guards. After speaking with the Officer, the team accepts his bribe and let him leave with Ginz.



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