Team Sexy Horus Star Wars

The adventure begins....

Our cast of characters (so far) :

Nadine as Dr. Fu Fru, an Ithorian archeologist who was working for the Empire looking for Jedi relics and discovered a mass grave.

Bruce as Wasec Wozeels, a Rodian bounty hunter, who was forced to abandon his ambitions in the fine arts to follow in his Uncle Greedo’s footsteps as a hired gun for the Hutt gangs. He now seeks to pursue legitimate employment after many of his friends and family were taken by the underworld.

Heather as Wylla Bo’Ab, a Duros pilot who… (wow, her write up is super long, just go here to read it all.

Michelle as Aris, a Human spy, who is so secretive about being a spy…she doesn’t have a backstory!

Our ragtag group of Rebel wannabes has each found their way to the planet Shara’von, where they have word that the droid LOM-5 can help them steal an Imperial shuttle from his employer Remie Jorge.

Jorge is a local crime boss who impounds ships in order to extort money from various smugglers and merchants. He is able to do this legally by assisting the Empire and ensuring their ships are well maintained while on planet.

After leaving the local cantina (where all great RPGs begin…) they find LOM surrounded by Gamorreans. After a brief battle (where Fu Fru bellowed so loud that she peed herself and deafened Aris) the party saves LOM and hops on a land speeder to head toward spaceport.


I didn’t realize DubDub was an artist at heart! Isn’t that nice.

The adventure begins....

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